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HDM850 Multi-format HD/SD Decoder Card

  • Multi-format HD/SD Broadcast Decoder

HDM850 is the latest High Definition decoding product from Stradis. It supports multiple formats, including MPEG-2 and H.264 video decoding over 3G-SDI (from SD to 1080p60 - SMPTE259,292,424), HDMI and analog video. As all Stradis card, HDM850 supports continuous, frame-accurate and seamless back-to-back playback playback.

The easily-integrated Stradis HDM850 features an alpha-blended full-frame on-screen display,a HD/SD-SDI input for insertion of live video content andprovides upscaling and downscaling to any resolution with auto adaptive color conversion making it your best ally to transition your SD content to the HD world (and vice versa). Dual outputs also allow decoded video to be simultaneously output in two distinct formats to create, for example, HD and SD versions of the same content. The HDM850 uses a hybrid hardware/software decoding engine that allows flexibility to support future codecs.

A SDK/API developer kit allows one or several Stradis HDM850 decoder cards to be integrated and controlled into a video system quickly and easily. SDK/API compatibility is ensured across the complete Stradis product range allowing a seamless upgrade to a different decoder. Upgrade to HD now!

HDM850 is also compatible with the Livewire framework of our VITEC encoder product line. Based on this technology, LW Player, a powerful decoding application, provides a plug and play experience.


  • HD/SD H.264 and MPEG-2 decoder, 4:2:2 and 4:2:0 10-bit sampling
  • HD/SD-SDI, HDMI, YPbPr, RGB & RGBHV, S-Video and Composite video outputs
  • 16x SDI / 12x HDMI embedded and 8x AES digital audio outputs plus 2x unbalanced audio outputs
  • Upscaling/downscaling to any resolution with auto adaptive color conversion
  • OSD, Closed captioning, Genlock, LTC and RS-422 control
  • PCIe card(4 lanes), Multiboard support , Stradis and Livewire SDK
Digital HD/SD-SDI up to 3Gb/s /1080p60 (SMPTE 259, 292, 424,425-A)
HDMI 1.3
Secondary SD-SDI (SMPTE 259) for simultaneous HD & SD playback
Analog YPbPr, RGB up to 1080p30, Composite, S-video
Digital HD / SD-SDI up to 3Gb/s for seamless live video stream into a MPEG playlist
Video Formats 1080p, 1080i, 720p, NTSC, PAL
Picture Size HD / SD
Chroma Sampling Format 4:2:2 & 4:2:0
Hardware Decoding
HEVC Profile -
H.264 Profile Hi10@L4.2 (10bits)
MPEG-2 Profile HP@HL
Color Standards BT.709 & BT.601
File Formats MP4, MOV, MXF (OP1a/OP-Atom) MPEG-2 PS/TS
Audio Codecs MPEG, LPCM, AAC, SMPTE302M, AC3 and SMPTE337M pass-through
Maximum Video Bit Rate Up to 100 Mbps (H.264)
Up to 150 Mbps (MPEG-2)
Embedded Audio Channel SDI (16), HDMI (8)
Digital AES3 (8)
Analog Unbalanced (2)
Seamless frame accurate playback Yes
RS-422 control Sony 9-pin protocol, device mode
VITC / LTC Output Yes
Closed captionning CEA608/708,608 Waveform
CC Transports SMPTE RDD11 and OP47
Add SMPTE436M for MXF files
ANSI/SCTE 128, ATSC A/72 [CC & AFD in AVC/HEVC user data]
ATSC A/53d, ANSI/SCTE 21 [CC & AFD in MPEG2Video user data] ANSI/SCTE 20 (DVS 157) [CC in MPEG2Video user data] ETSI EN 301 775 [Teletext data in separate TS stream]
Genlock/Reference Input Yes
Video / Audio adjustments Yes (Analog & Digital)
Upscaling / Downscaling Any to Any resolution with auto adaptive color conversion
Deinterlacing Yes
Streaming Interface Yes (UDP TS / RTSP / RTP, Unicast / Multicast)
Monitoring / Preview On Yes
Screen Display (OSD) Full screen - Alpha-blended
Multiboarding Yes
Operating Systems Windows 7 / XP / Server 2003-2008 (32/64 bit)
Software Powerful end user application provided
Development Kits Livewire SDK & Stradis SDK
Recommended Configuration
Pentium Dual Core 2.5 GHz, 4 GB RAM
PCI Compliance PCIe rev1.1 (4 lanes)
Dimensions of the board 167.7 x 111.2 mm (6.60” x 4.38”)
Power consumption 10.3 W

The latest Documentation and Software can be found at the Homepage of Vitec


  • Broadcast
  • Digital signage
  • Entertainment


SDM290ex Audio cable with 6 XLRs for 4 balanced audio outputs and 2 digital audio outputs (XLR).
SDM290ex Audio cable with 4 XLRs for 4 balanced audio outputs and 2 BNCs for digital audio output.
PC bracket with 2 female RCA connectors for unbalanced analog audio output.
(Compatible with all SDM & HDM).
Sync daisy chain cable. Connects multiple decoders in one chassis. (Compatible with all SDM & HDM).
PC bracket with DB-9 connector for RS-422 machine control and BNC for LTC output. (Compatible with SDM290ex, HDM500ex and HDM850).
HDM500ex Audio cable with 6 BNCs for digital audio output and 1 RCA connector forunbalanced analog audio output.
HDM500ex DVI-I to VGA adapter.
HDM500ex Video cable: DVI-I to DVI-D and VGA. “Y” adaptater.
Internal Audio cable. Connect a decoder to PC sound card. (Compatible with all SDM & HDM).
S-Video Adapter Cable: 2 male BNC connectors to 1 male 4-pin Mini DIN connector. (Compatible with all SDM).
HDM500ex Video cable: DVI-D male to HDMI male (2 meter).
Triple BNC to 0.10" Header Bracket (genlock, LTC).
8xAES audio out, Genlock input, SD-SDI out (split cable on DB connector).
Only for HDM850.
RGV/YPbPr video ou, Analog Stereo out (bracket + cable).
Only for HDM850


  • HDM-Family Datasheet


  • HDM850 Software v5.0.0 – 32/64 Bit Platform

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