About us

DIMESO - since 1996 customer service is our task

The formation story of DIMESO (digital media solution) from the perspective of the founder and managing director, Bruny Kuhar.
It was 1996, when my (former) employer forever closed his doors in Munich and I had to think about my next step. Quickly, I realized that only self-initiatives would take me forward. Since I had excellent contacts (today it is called networking) to manufacturers in the USA, at some point we were all colleagues because even then the world was small, I dared the step into independence. I served a niche market and used all my know-how to realize the sales of analogue frame grabbers. My excellent education in the USA as a pioneer in marketing analytics was a very helpful tool.
My first customer was located in St. Petersburg, Russia, and to this day we maintain a friendship that grew far beyond the business. I was also able to quickly win customers in Germany and Austria , some of them we serve up to date.
In 1998 the Sole proprietorship was transformed into a GmbH, our product range expanded rapidly, but always with complementary products. This gave the staff the security to master all products out of their “fingertips”, which in turn made it beneficial to our customer base.
Analog frame grabbers turned into digital capture cards, USB ports were developed and implemented, Instead of single monitor operation we now see multiviewers, instead of posters nowadays digital signage is used, instead of tapes and cassettes we now talk about video capture, streaming and recording, and this development allowed the employees of DIMESO GmbH and myself to gather extensive experience.
After more than 20 years of continuous growth, DIMESO GmbH has become a globally operating distributor and solution provider. We are pleased to help our clients realize their projects and work with them to tailor call orders for them to avoid currency surprises. Our customers base includes resellers, integrators, event customers, universities, institutions and OEMs.
We have worked on our strategy and implemented the cornerstones to stay true to our motto.

  1. Our success is based on continuity in detail.
  2. We want to earn and maintain the trust of our customers through reliability and quality.
  3. Our service is customer-oriente.
  4. We treat complaints promptly and correctly.
  5. We are constantly expanding our product range.

After a fulfilled and somtimes turbulent business life, I decided to hand over the company DIMESO GmbH to Mrs. Susanne Caliskan on January 1st, 2021