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Challenges in the healthcare market and AREC solution

With Traditional and Deluxe Media Stations

Medical equipment somehow needs to be mixed into a single video.

  • Media Stations work with all HDMI and VGA devices. Stations can record mixed videos and source videos separately at the same time.

Hospitals and institutions need to record and archive all surgeries for training or archiving purposes.

  • AREC Media Capture Systems can be installed in operation rooms to capture procedures and treatment.

Patients in nursing homes need personalized attention, but there is not enough staff to provide individual care.

  • AREC Auto-Tracking Systems can help keep patients safe by tracking them via Positioners.

Countryside hospitals cannot deal with emergency cases on their own and need assistance.

  • AREC MS-650 Media Stations can be connected to each other for dual-way audio-visual communication.

Medical staff work long hours and don’t have spare time to learn how to use the equipment.

  • AREC Media Stations are very user-friendly and do not require IT background to be used. All of the major functions are accessible via front panel keys and remote controllers, as well as other means of control.


With SpacesGate Media Collaboration System, in addition to Traditional and Deluxe Media Station Capabilities

Hospitals and doctors need effective means to reach and work with distant patients.

  • SpacesGate Collaboration mode is useful for telemedicine and online discussion. Video sources and their readings can be shared in real time and worked on.

A lot of time is spent on training and raising staff qualification.

  • Recording, streaming, and backup functionality can be used to discuss readings of equipment, review operations, and educate personnel. Local playback can be used to review and comment on past videos.

Camera needs to be repositioned or zoomed during an operation in a non-disruptive way.

  • Graphical User Interface allows users to control their PTZ cameras and record the smallest of details perfectly and the way they desire.

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