dPict | Frame Grabbers | Aexeon Family

  • Aexeon HDS
    PCI Express Formats
    SDI and analog SD camera support
    3G-SDI acquisition rates up to 2.97 Gb/sec
    General-Purpose I/O Triggers
  • Aexeon
    PCI or PCI Express Formats
    Composite, S-Video, or RGB/YPrPb Inputs
    Composite, S-Video, or RGB/YPrPb Outputs
    Extensive Camera Control
  • Aexeon Quattro
    PCI or PCI Express Formats
    Simultaneous Capture From 4 Independent Video Channels
    On-board JPEG Compression
    General-Purpose I/O Triggers
  • Aexeon LT
    PCI Express Formats
    Fits Low-Profile Installations
    Single Composite and S-Video Input
    Single I/O Trigger


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