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AREC MS-650 Media Station

  • A true all-in-one device to offer high quality Full HD synchronized recording, storage, backup, live streaming and remote management
  • Real-time interactive function with 2-way communication for distance learning

Multiple Sources Capturing
MS-650 supports synchronized capturing of multiple sources through HDMI/ VGA/ RJ45 interfaces, it is compatible with network cameras, laptops, PCs, digital microscopes, wireless microphones etc.
* Supports DVI and component video cable inputs when using appropriate DVI to HDMI or component to VGA adaptors.

Support Up to 4-Channel-In
AREC MS-650 can simultaneously capture, edit and record up-to 4 1080p sources and stream out 1 mixed movie to share it with a wide audience. With AREC MS-650 media stations, the entire interactive course can be recorded simultaneously with multi-camera angles.

Achieve Multi-Source Live Steaming
Supporting multi-source switching and mixing, MS-650 provides multi-source live streaming to broadcast the live image and voice of an on-going lecture or event on YouTube Live, Facebook, UStream, Twitch and other live broadcasting websites, allowing any participant to attend at any location in the world.

Built-in Hard Drive Storage and Online Director
With 1TB built-in hard drive, MS-650 not only stores hundreds of hours recording videos but also enhances the overall efficiency. Besides, MS-650 has built in online director that is used to control and monitor the cameras’ field of view, camera mount precision movement, image source switch, image layout switch and audio mixer functions etc.

Achieve 2-Way Real-time and Interactive Communication
Equipped with the same AREC MS-650 media station in the 2 remote classrooms, a real-time interactive course can be achieved with 2-way communication for distance learning without adding any video conference equipment.

Graphical User Interface
MS-650 comes with a fully graphical user interface utilizing information visualization in order to minimize the learning curve required. A remote control allows for easy operation of MS-650’s comprehensive capabilities including screen split, lecture recording and live streaming etc.

Product Interface

Input Connection
Video Inputs* HDMI/ VGA/ RJ-45 (Supports AREC Full HD Network Camera)
Max. Video-In channels Maximum 4 channels synchronized recording
HDMI/VGA: up to 2 channels
Full HD network camera: up to 4 channels
Video-In Modes HDMI: 480i~1080p60
VGA Video: 480i~1080p60
VGA PC: 640 x 480~1920 x 1080
Audio Inputs Line in, Mic, wireless Mic, HDMI
Max. Audio-In channels 3.5mm Stereo: 2 channels
Wireless Mic: 1 channel
Video Processing
Compression H.264 / AVC
Frame Rate Max. 30fps
Bit Rate 64Kbps~24Mbps
Resolution Max. 1080p (320x240 ~ 1920x1080)
Audio Processing
Compression AAC-LC
Bit Rate 80Kbps~320Kbps
Local Storage
External Storage USB / eSATA
Locally Stored File Output Format MP4
Local Storage 1TB 2.5” SATAIII Hard Drive
Remote Storage
FTP Backup Video files will backed up automatically to FTP server after end of recording
Streaming/Main System Output
Streaming Delay 1 sec.
Streaming Format Input : RTSP, RTP, RTMP, UDP
Output : RTP, RTMP, UDP
Main Output Mode (Max.) HDMI / VGA: 1080p60
Local Display
Local Viewing Layout 9 layouts, 9 for user-defined
Display Layout Full screen / picture-in-picture / picture-by-picture / multi-channel split screen
Live Broadcasting
Live Broadcast to CDN or Stream Server Yes, support RTMP protocol
Station to Station Live Broadcasting Yes, supporting KS-650 to KS-650, 2-way real-time and interactive communication
Local Video Yes
Select by Index Yes, browse playable content through index
Speaker Tracking Yes, with AREC TP-100 Auto Tracking System
Recording Modes Mixed recording
Recording Layouts 9 layouts, 9 for user-defined
Index (keyword tagging) Automatic and manual index insertion
Auto Logo Insertion during Recording Yes, through web-based back stage management setting
Lecture Editing
Post Lecture Editing Yes, through web-based back stage
Post Index Points Editing Yes, through web-based back stage to add and delete index
Auto Logo Title and Ending Insertion Yes, through web-based back stage to insert logo title and endings when exporting recording video
Operating Controls
Remote Controller Yes, included within the package
Manual Video Switcher Yes, through built-in AREC Online Director for manual controls
External Control Yes, supports RS-232 interface port
Control Button Yes, in front of the media station
General Information
Operation System Embedded Linux System
Power Supply 12V / 2A
Temperature / Humidity 0~50°C / 90%
Dimension 354mm(L) x 188,2mm(W) x 46mm(H)
Weight 1.52kg (3.3 lbs)
Language SC / TC / English
Accessories Remote controller / power adapter / wireless Mic antenna / quick guide
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* Supports DVI and component video cable inputs when using appropriate DVI to HDMI or component to VGA adaptors

The latest Documentation and Software can be found at the Homepage of ADENA/AREC


  • AREC MS-650 Datasheet
  • AREC MS-650 Quick Installation Guide
  • AREC MS-650 User Manual


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