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Other Applications
Challenges in the different markets and AREC solution

There is an annual event that needs to be recorded, but hiring camera crew is costly.

  • AREC Media Capture System is portable, yet very light and compact. Auto-Tracking Systems keep camera focused on the speaker, while Media Station allows users to connect all of their video sources and mix them into a single video.

Courts need to record trials, evidence, testimonies, as well as stream and perform backups.

  • AREC Media Capture System can do simultaneous recording of up to 4 different video inputs and mix all video sources into a single video. Moreover, all AREC Media Stations support live broadcasting on various platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, and others that support required protocols.

Bloggers and streamers rely on webcams and embedded cameras of their laptops to broadcast. Recording software is very demanding, whereas viruses can affect computers.

  • Advanced equipment is expensive, as is recording and post-production software.
    AREC Media Capture Systems are hardware based and are not affected by viruses. Media Stations are built for recording and streaming and do not have performance issues. Cameras record in Full-HD and Auto-Tracking Systems allow users to make their videos more entertaining and immersive.

Churches and congregations would like to record and stream their celebrations, ceremonies, choirs or other events, but camera crews take space and are costly.

  • AREC Media Capture System can be used to record sound and video from different sources and positions. These can be recorded and streamed online to reach existing and new followers. Media Capture System can be hidden away so as not to disturb services.

There is a sport event that must be recorded or streamed, but using television broadcasting equipment is difficult and unaffordable.

  • AREC Media Capture System is a perfect solution for these situations, as they are extremely user-friendly and are very mobile. Fish-eye cameras can be used to capture panoramic view of games and mixed in a required video layout.

Police departments need to record interrogations and focus on both their suspects and detectives.

  • With AREC Media Capture System, there are plenty of layouts that you can choose to best suit your needs and even configure your own. PTZ function can be used to adjust camera position. Media Stations run on UNIX based system that is not targeted by viruses, making it safe for privacy.

A special project, such as an escape game, requires camera feeds from every room and the ability to switch recording and streaming layouts at will.

  • With AREC Media Capture System, up to four cameras can be used to record and stream at the same time. Users can change which camera feed to show in just two clicks!

Various occasions, such as funerals, need to be recorded or streamed for relatives who cannot attend.

  • AREC Media Capture System allows to record and stream at the same time. Distances will not stop people from remembering their dear ones.

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