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AREC LS-200 Media Station

  • 2 Video Sources Mixing, Switching, Recording and Live Streaming
  • Easy to Create a Professional Video
  • Broadcast Your Mixed Video to 2 Platforms Simultaneously

Lightweight and portable
LS-200 is a very light device, and does not require other products to function. Just connect to power and you are ready to go!

Make a professional video in a matter of seconds
Creating videos and streams with LS-200 is very simple - accessible interface, different ways of control, presets, and other benefits allow you to be a professional director without any experience.

Record, stream and mix, all at the same time
LS-200 allows you to record and stream your sources in a mixed video format at the same time, as well as record original sources independently.

Web and software tools for control
Tools like Online Director enable you to monitor and change your video and stream parameters on the go in one click. Download and upload your videos from LS-200 with Video Manager, an in-built webpage on your station.

Offline and online storage
LS-200 has a 1TB internal hard drive for you to save hundreds of hours of your recordings. Use FTP, SFTP, or Opencast servers to save your videos online.

Real Time Assistant Video Making
Support AREC Online Director with overlay and background functions.

AREC Video Manager: Videos With Just One Click
Administrators or teachers can manage videos stored in the local Media Station remotely.

Die aktuellsten Dokumentationen und Software finden sie auf der Homepage von ADENA/AREC


  • AREC LS-200 Datasheet
  • AREC LS-200 Quick Installation Guide
  • AREC LS-200 User Manual


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