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AM-600 Auto-Tracking Positioner (With Built-in Wireless Microphone)

  • Supports Auto-Tracking and Audio Transmission
  • Working with AREC Media Station, AM-600 can become a Microphone to Record the Presenter’s Voice
  • Easy Control of Start/Stop Tracking and Mute Functions by Built-in Buttons
  • Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Tracking and Indicators
Effective Distance 3~12m radius
Upper Indicators Power on-off / tracking start-pause
Lower Indicators Wireless pairing / mute
Audio Input Φ3.5mm phone jack
Built-in Microphone
Power Supply Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, 3.7V, 720mA
Interface: USB Micro-B
Temperature 0~50°C
Battery Life 4hrs, after fully charged
Dimension 83(L) x 41.5(W) x 18.15(H)mm
Weight 67g

Die aktuellsten Dokumentationen und Software finden sie auf der Homepage von ADENA/AREC


  • AREC Positioner AM-600 Datasheet
  • AREC Positioner AM-600 Quick Installation Guide
  • AREC Positioner AM-600 User Manual

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