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AREC Student Tracking System S1


  • Simple in Implementation and Economical to Purchase.
  • Neither Auxiliary Recognition Camera nor Complicated Image. CalibrationsSupports 32 or 64 student close up image focus.

AREC Student Tracking System automatically switches close-up focus view when a student speaks up during class. The simple to install tracking system can be set up to provide multiple student close ups within a single classroom, and does not require the presence of auxiliary camera and software calibrations to minimize cost and complexity.

An Easy to Install and Highly Functional System
AREC Student Tracking System does not require infrared sensor, imaging recognition equipment and complex image calibration. This simple system only require one network camera mounted on a AREC TP-100 Tracking Camera Mount, a Student Tracking Device, Press-to-Track Buttons and a AREC Media Station to perform in class student tracking and recording.

Accurate Student Positioning
AREC Student Tracking System will automatically switch to the close-up view of the student who presses the “Press-to-Track” button and stays focused to the student regardless of movements in its surroundings.

Reduced Purchase Cost and Installation Complexity
AREC Student Tracking System is economical to purchase and simple to set-up, minimizing both procurement and installation costs.

Supports Multiple Languages and Cancel to Speak Function
AREC Student Tracking System provides many screen switching options including “free to track”, “single speaker” and “multiple speakers” modes. The press to shoot request can also be cancelled by the instructor, the student or to be canceled by the tracking system.

S1 Student Tracking Device
Press-to-Speak Button 32 (Max) per device
LED Indicator Power LED / status LED / wish to track LED x32
Frequency Range 50Hz~10KHz
Working Voltage /Current DC 5V / 600mA
Temperature /Humidity 0~50 ° / 10%~90%
Dimension 260mm(L) x 165mm(W) x 40mm(H)
Weight 495g
AB-100 Press-to-Track Button
Working Voltage / Curr DC 12V battery / 10mA
Temperature / Humidity 0~50 ° / 10%~90%
Dimension 60mm(L) x 45mm(W) x 23mm(H)
Weight 31g

Die aktuellsten Dokumentationen und Software finden sie auf der Homepage von ADENA/AREC


  • AREC Student Tracking System S1 Datasheet
  • AREC Student Tracking System S1 Quick Installation Guide
  • AREC Student Tracking System S1 User Manual

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