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Challenges in the governmental market and AREC solution

With Traditional and Deluxe Media Stations

Governments need to stream debates, proceedings, and share daily work with voters.

  • With AREC Media Capture System, speakers, computers, and auditoriums can be recorded and mixed for streaming online, making government work transparent.

Important speeches and speakers need to be recorded, but inviting camera crew every time is not convenient.

  • AREC Media Stations start recording immediately when users press a button. Recordings can be scheduled to even remove the need to push recording button.

Governmental institutions want to organise lessons in parliamentarism, government daily work, and promote values to the public.

  • AREC Media Stations can stream to up to 2 platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, or others at the same time.

With SpacesGate Media Collaboration System, in addition to Traditional and Deluxe Media Station Capabilities


Officials need to connect to each other and share content, while also having an ability to work on it.

  • With SpacesGate Stations, users can exchange their audio-visual sources with each other and work together with annotations in different modes. Annotations can be made via touch, computer mouse, or interactive display/module/projector.

Government officials need to connect to each other securely.

  • SpacesGate Stations use proprietary AREC conferencing protocols and technologies. System is not affected by computer viruses and cannot be covertly accessed by a third party.

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